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The binding physical high quality of your bottles/jars listed under is that they had somewhat vast mouths (aka bore or throat) to facilitate the packing and extraction of food merchandise like cucumber pickles as well as other pickled greens, olives, tamarinds (fruit of the Old Earth legume), chutney, honey (self-preserving), plums, cherries (generally brandied), peaches, and all kinds of other fruits and vegetables.  These variety bottles were even employed for other non-vegetable objects like spiced lobster, preserved meats, tobacco, and a lot more (Switzer 1974; McKearin & Wilson 1978; Zumwalt 1980; Van den Bossche 2001).  One particular other trait this class of bottles share with each other is that they are generally much bigger than ordinary potential compared to other sorts of bottles, though like a person will see, scaled-down variations had been used for smaller portions or for food items items that ended up individually smaller in device dimension (e.

Mouth-blown examples with J D S  on the base date from no previously than about 1878 and as late as the early to mid 1910s.

  Mustard was also regarded as a get rid of for ailments starting from congestion to hysteria, snakebite to bubonic plague (Gerth 2006).   Even though bottled in a number of extensive mouth, generally squatty bottles, mustard was usually bottled in barrel shapes for much from the period of time protected by this Web-site.

3. Owens Automatic Bottle Creating device (1905 by at the very least the 1940s): This revolutionary invention was the primary on the entirely automatic blow-and-blow devices.  (Illustration to the right is of one of several early Owens equipment.)  Milk bottles were typically designed with Owens machines, although are less generally encountered than These from push-and-blow machines which was the dominant output strategy for milk bottles in the early 1900s until the mid-twentieth century.  Two of the biggest buyers of Owens machines for milk bottle generation have been the Thatcher Glass Mfg.

The really big (thirteen" tall using an approximate one.five gallon capacity) hexagonal pickle bottle into the far left was a standard gothic form created by several bottle makers for an extended length of time.  The pictured illustration is from your 1906 Illinois Glass Corporation catalog and is sort of similar in condition (and size) including the shoulder style along with the "scallop" influence at the bottom from the indented entire body panels.

Machine-made "solid shoulder" type Mason jars Together with the sealing surface with a bead ledge under the threads (not around the shoulder) originated close to 1909 and dominated the market from the mid to late 1910s.

(Note: A person additional observation about these San Francisco produced jars is that the initial mildew engraver or "mold cutter" with the Reducing jar plus the mildew cutter for your later on two jars appear to be two distinctive people today as the variety of the embossed lettering is distinctly different.  Specifically, the afterwards mildew cutter was the one particular who designed a distinctive "R' with an outwardly curving angled leg.  This "R" is a particular attribute identified on scores of different Western bottles which were almost certainly manufactured at the San Francisco & Pacific Glass Functions among about 1876 along with the mid-1880s, and possibly the latter times [early to mid 1870s] of one or equally from the precursor glass organizations [Pacific Glass Works and/or San Francisco Glass Functions].

Mouth-blown ball neck panels with mold air venting marks started output in the mid to late 1880s and continued being made from the 1910s.

The commonest Mason closured jar condition built amongst the 1870s and 1910s is as pictured to the above left.  This design and style is, of course, spherical in cross-part (aka cylindrical) by using a gradual inward narrowing in the upper overall body, an exceptionally quick abrupt horizontal "shoulder" which is sort of perpendicular to your complete, one particular steady exterior screw thread bead end that may be about 1.one to one.2 circumference turns and is particularly tapered at Just about every close, plus a bore which includes about an inside of diameter of two.

The sauce/condiment bottle shapes described in the former sections include a few of the most typical shapes and patterns for these products.  Nonetheless, sauces have been packaged inside a big range of supplemental styles through the time period covered by this Continue Web page, i.e., the 19th through mid-20th hundreds of years.  Seek advice from Betty Zumwalt's extremely insightful 1980 guide Ketchup, Pickles, Sauces - 19th Century Foods in Glass To find out more on the topic and images of a number of this selection.  (Take note: This book remains to be available new and utilised at sources like Amazon.com™, eBay®, AbeBooks.

  This example has an used double ring complete, lacks evidence of mildew air venting, and is not pontil scarred on the base which is embossed with S. G. W. LOU. KY. indicating manufacture because of the Southern Glass Works of Louisville, KY. who utilized this mark from 1877 to about 1885 (Whitten 2005b; this reference is out there on this Internet site by clicking In this article). 

Presence on the unique suction scar around the bottle foundation thought being solely the product with the Owens machine.  Click picture of the suction scar to find out these kinds of.  This matter is usually discussed in additional detail around the Bottle Bases web page;

Via the 1930s or potentially early nineteen forties, these exclusive bottles seem to obtain disappeared through the U. S. current market getting replaced by a lot more generic, mainly colorless, large mouth bottles/jars that were useful for quite a few food products and would be hard to ascertain as capers bottles with no the initial labels however intact.

  Although the creator has not personally viewed an example with diagnostic capabilities indicating an early twentieth century production, it is possible the vertically ribbed pepper sauce in the "other illustrations or photos" grouping under can be from as late as the extremely early 1900s.  (This Image and a description from the bottle was furnished by a person of This web site in early 2010.)

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